Water Leak Services

Water Leak Services(Leaking sink, Burst Pipes)

Emergency Plumbers Toronto stands at the forefront of emergency plumbing in Toronto. Moments after you place a call, we will be ready to mobilize, and in a few minutes, we will be at your home, business, or property.

We understand how time-sensitive floods, leaks, pipe bursts, and other water leaks can be. The longer they stay unattended to, the more damage they will wreak on your property and pockets. Our team specializes in water emergency response so that literally makes us the best people for the job.

We fix leaks of all sorts

Are you worried that we won’t be able to handle a water heater leak, dripping faucet, or a burst pipe in a basement or crawl space? Well, we can. As long as you tell us everything we need to know during the phone consultation, your emergency leak repair should go take no time at all.

Are you dealing with a tricky leak?

Water leaks in the home are not always obvious. Pipes are buried in the walls, floorboards, and crawling space. When those types of pipes burst or leak, it could take days or even weeks before you notice anything happen. So, if you see a water stain on your wall or you notice a weird noise, call us, and we will be right over. We might not be able to promise you an instant solution, but we can start you down the right path.

Always shut the water off at the source?

Shutting off the main water valve might sound a bit tedious, but if you can manage to do that, you will make our jobs a lot easier, and it will definitely save you money on repairs.

Do you have no idea where the leak is coming from?

Well, you don’t need to. Emergency Plumbers Toronto will find the leak and fix it for you. The Emergency Plumbers Toronto team is well trained and are more than capable of finding hidden water leaks. It’s okay to call us if you suspect there is a leak too. An usually high water bill, water discoloration, rust showing up on pipes, soaked carpets, and discoloration of the walls and ceiling are simple tell-tale signs or water leaks.

Will you need water restoration?

That ultimately depends on just how extensive the damage done to your property is. A fresh leak will always be easier to handle than a leaky pipe that has gone unnoticed for weeks or months.

Our team

Our team consists of highly trained seasoned professionals who have dealt with burst pipes and other serious water leaks at least a few dozen times. Between every member of our team, there are more than 30 years of hands-on experience.


You might not be looking for something other than an emergency water leak fix. If you have a little more time on your hands and you are unsure about what procedures to take when dealing with water damages, then you should call our hotline. Our specialists can put you through and help you properly deal with each situation in the smartest and safest way possible.

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